Some thoughts on Promise

Best girl

Promise is our new project working with women in a homeless hostel in Manchester, continuing our relationship with HMP Low Newton who have welcomed us back into the prison and also with women on probation in the West End of Newcastle. We started workshops in May and plan to preview the play in March 2017. Here are a few thoughts…

13th May 2016

We set up residency in a women’s hostel in Manchester this week, working each day and night with women in the canteen. Last night, Laura Lindow and I were joined by the brilliant Maggie O’Neill. Every night we’ve finished the session all sitting round a big table and sharing a lovely meal cooked by workers Tricia and Jane. Last night they drew their character, and talked about the places she has walked away from my garden, little tree, roses, friends, peace, happiness and order. As well as prison, kids homes, family, violent partners, my life! We finish tomorrow and it’s been an honour to spend time with each and everyone of these women, and we’ll return but know due to the nature of homelessness it’s unlikely we’ll see them again.

Each of the women was given ‘The Best Girl in 60 Streets’ and one of the women placed it in her hair and was wearing it like this when we left the group…

best girl2

10th June 2016

We’re back in Low Newton prison as part of our new project Promise and one woman said the following when evaluating “I liked getting the chance to hear each others voices and experiences and feel that it helps. I love the work you all do with us as women, for women” . It’s an honour to work with such honest and courageous women.

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