The Passing of Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson died on Saturday the 12th November 2016.  A matriarch, at the centre of her family.  A family that has been the heartbeat of West End Women & Girls Centre.  Margie died with her family wrapped around her.  Huffty, my wife, was considered by Margie as ‘part of the family’ and my wife’s heart is full of sadness at her passing.

My relationship with Margie crosses over to Open Clasp.  Margie was a member of the company, collaborator on projects and featured in many of the early shows.  A sharp critic, Margie would critique each new show but none could compare to her favourite After Her Death, our first production, one that features four daughters who are haunted by their dead mothers.  It was a comedy and had her favourite comedian Kirsty Hudson aka Francis.  The mention of Mrs Robinson in the shows became a tradition in the early shows, and even her beloved dog Pedro got a role.

Margie was a great believer in the afterlife and I would like to believe that my mam and Elvis came and took her hand, led her past and through to that other life – one full of Angels.

Mrs Robinson passing has broken the hearts of her family, chosen family and her loss will be felt deeply by all those who work and come into West End Women & Girls Centre.

It will be also felt by Open Clasp, me and my wife, whose heart is so full of sadness.

I echo Ally Hunter ‘Here’s to Mrs Robinson’


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